Friday, November 14, 2008

Has it really been over two months since my last post? How embarrassing. I seriously was considering just walking away from this thing but today I suddenly felt the urge to write something. So, here I am (even if no one else is still out there reading).

The good thing about not posting in for so long is that I have lots of finished objects to show you! First up is a Hoover Baby Blanket that I made for my friend Kelly, who is due any day now with her first (for all I know she might be having the baby right now, lol).This was knit with Louet Gems Worsted (one of my desert-island yarns) in Cream and Champagne. I ain't gonna lie, this was a horribly boring project, but the end result is so squishy and comfy that it was worth it. Plus, the nerd in me cannot resist the history aspect of the pattern.One annoying aspect is that the garter stitch border takes up more length than the double-knit center, resulting in the ripply edges you see above. Strangely, the pattern recommends you add more rows to the borders which I thankfully did not do, but this still did not fully alleviate the problem. However, I think it came out fine overall and the recipient seemed to like it, so I'm happy.My next finished object, which I really don't want to dwell on too much, is the Orchid cardigan. While the piece came out quite well, it just does not fit me...not even evidenced by this photo:Eek! I am pretty sad about the whole thing :( Where I went wrong was with the gauge swatch--I pinned it out much harder than I would be able to block the finished piece (this is one thing I hate about one-piece/in-the-round items--they are so awkward to block). Since the sizing is based on your gauge swatch and personal measurements, it was doomed from the beginning. The worst part is that I could see it was too small when I would try it on as I progressed, but I figured it would block out OK. I also wish I'd used a bit larger hook, as the fabric is not as drape-y as it should be. I guess for my first crocheted piece, it's not too bad, but obviously it's not what I was hoping it would be either. Actually, if there is anyone out there who this might fit, I would love to send it to you because it won't be getting much use here. I think it would fit some one with a 32" bust. Feel free to email me if you're interested (my email is in my profile).Pattern notes: "Orchid" by Lily Go.
Yarn: Rowan 4ply Cotton in "Bloom", on 3.25 mm hook
The pattern lovely--clear and clever. It basically has a whole worksheet to calculate how many motifs you need for your size based on your gauge swatch, etc. I thought that was pretty neat (maybe that's normal for crochet patterns? I dunno.). The yarn is one I've used before and liked--very high quality and the color is gorgeous. I'm only sad that I wasted it on something I can't wear. But there's no way I'm unraveling this thing. Can you imagine the kinks? ;) Maybe in a couple years I might try to make a new one that actually fits.

I'm super-close to finishing something that's been hibernating for quite a while--G's Sapporo (Rav link). I notice that I last blogged about it in March--yikes! I also started what will hopefully be a quick project for Christmas for a friend's son, Raglan Swater 15206 (Rav Link) from Dalegarn 152 (it is the cabled sweater in the first to last row).Whew, I guess that is enough catching-up for now. I'll leave you with a picture I took on Veteran's Day (which we had off, yay!), when we took a walk on a place near here called Mackworth Island. The colors of the ledge are really interesting:Take care, and I'll try to be back sooner rather than later!

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