Sunday, May 11, 2008

This past week was filled with those "short/long" days...y'know, where you're so busy that it feels like the day flies by, but once the end of the day comes, you feel soooo tired and you realize it was kind of a long day? Yup, that describes my week perfectly!

The best news is that Thursday night was my last final, and I think I did good in both my classes! Yay! I think this calls for ice cream cake and ale, don't you?Now, I didn't buy ice cream cake just to celebrate the end of the semester. G turned 30 on Thursday so now he is officially "old", LOL! I know you all are going to make fun of us for saying 30 is old, but it's just a running joke we've had--since I am 5 months older than him he loves to remind me about how "old" I am!This cake is adorable, but I was pretty sad because I could not find one of my beloved Carvel cakes :( There isn't a Carvel franchise in this state but at least the grocery stores were selling the cakes. I guess no more! One store I went to even had the special Carvel cooler but it was empty and unplugged. I guess that will be just another thing I have to make sure to get when I'm in Connecticut! The one I bought is a Friendly's one, and it was pretty good but they use hard ice cream rather than soft serve. Also, the icing is just different--there's something about Carvel frosting that I love!

In the rush of studying and the crazy work-week, I did not get much knitting done. I do have a new project to show, though...and it's crochet! Gasp! I had a bundle of a deep pink Rowan 4-ply cotton that I thought would make a nice crochet top. I ended up picking this design:This is the Orchid cardigan from LilyGo--who really has some cute designs! I am also eying the Sunshine Top for a future project. Orchid was probably an overly ambitious choice, since I am a total amateur at crochet (only used it for edgings), but I'm up for the challenge. Here's what the stitches are looking like so far:Not bad, huh? The pattern is so well written and definitely worth the price. I don't know if it's typical of crochet patterns, but I find it neat that there isn't standard sizing with this, you basically make a swatch and she has you do all the calculations to come up with a custom fit. Cool!

In other good news, Sapporo has been beaten into submission and I'm just about ready to start the color work of the main body. Unfortunately, with warm weather coming I probably won't be in the mood to work on it for much longer. So, it may have to hibernate until fall!

Thanks for your sweet comments on the bear I made--I didn't even think about the fact that he doesn't really look knitted, but everyone pointed it out. I accomplished this by having the reverse stockinette side as the outside, so you can't really see the rows of stitches. Plus, it was just a really thick boucle that hides stitches well!

Just in case you were wondering:Yeah. Don't be coming to Maine any time soon! ;)