Saturday, September 06, 2008

This has been the Summer of Not-so-many Socks. I only managed to finish two pairs...the Twist socks, and these Garter Rib Socks:I really want to call these the "Seaweed Socks", for obvious reasons. On Labor Day I spent the morning hastily finishing the socks so I could enter them the final Summer of Socks prize drawing. That afternoon we went to the beach and I was all ready to take some fun photos of the socks on the beach. Of course, my batteries decided to die almost immediately upon arrival (although I did manage to get a couple photos of the beach).Later that night I took a quick crappy picture of the socks indoors to enter for the drawing. As I was trying to make the post, I had a total brain block about how to put photos into a Ravelry forum post and kept screwing it up. Finally I figure it out and...won't post. Time is 10:03 and the forum thread has been locked. That's when I just decided to go bed, ha ha!
Pattern: Garter Rib stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.
Yarn: Opal Rainforest in color "Veronica die Wilde", knit on 2.25 mm needles
Notes: I starting playing around with this yarn and G decided he loved the colors and how crazy-looking it comes out. So, I made these for him. Given the busyness of the coloring, I just went with a simple stitch pattern and I think they work pretty well together.

While there has not been tons of knitting here, it was a busy August in other ways. The last time I posted was before my camping trip to Vermont. Well...let's just say it was a total washout. We even left a day early because sitting in the tent listening to rain was not our idea of fun! The first night we got there it was drizzling, so we decided to try to rig up a tarp to cover the picnic table and at least have a place to sit and cook dinner. It was all going well until we discovered we did not have enough rope to string up all the corners.
Yarn to the rescue!I found some leftover Linen Isle from the Market Tote in my knitting bag, and given its twine-like properties it worked wonderfully. It was like knitting Macgyver, yeah.

Here is a mosaic showing more of what I've been up to, including some of the photos I did get in Vermont before we were driven out by the rains and pictures from the amusement park at Old Orchard Beach and from around town in Portland. Check out the summer set and the Portland set (which I hope to keep adding to over time) on Flickr.

It is just yucky, humid, and rainy today (thank you, Hanna). I think Quincy may have the right idea: