Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy August to all--can you believe it is really August? Yikes. Unfortunately I am kind of in a peevish mood today. It all started with the ridiculous news that my beloved Manny has been traded to the Dodgers :( :( :(
Really, what the heck? One of the best players of all time for...Jason Bay? Bay's numbers are OK but it's kind of hard to imagine him striking fear into the heart of opposing pitchers, especially in the post season (if we even get there). And yes, I know Manny could be a childish pain-in-the-ass frequently, but still...I think this may go down as one of the crappiest trades of all time. I guess time will tell. The Red Sox are another step closer to having a boring team full of automatons, just like the Yankees!

I was also grumpy because I have some lady sending me obnoxious emails at work, and while it was kind of funny at first it really started to grate on me today. I have only responded to her a couple of times, in a very neutral, factual, and polite manner but she seems to lack reading comprehension and ends up sending more emails saying the same stuff she's already said, just in a more insulting tone. I don't really take it personally but it is depressing sometimes to think about the fellow humans that we have to share this planet with.

On to happier topics...I finished a pair of socks a couple weeks ago--a nice, summery pair:These were created using the Melanie's Twist stitch pattern from Pink Lemon Twist. It was kind of fun figuring out how I wanted to construct the socks using the stitch pattern--added a bit of twist to my Twists, he he.
Pattern: Melanie's Twist from Pink Lemon Twist (stitch pattern only)
Yarn: Regia Cotton Color in #4177 on 2.25 mm needles.
I loved, loved, loved this yarn. Something about it really appealed--it had the give of wool but with the coolness of cotton. The colors were really pretty too. I definitely hope to use it again.These are the only socks I've finished this summer, so I guess you could say my Summer of Socks is going a bit slowly. I just started a pair for G that I hope to work on this weekend during the annual girls' camping trip. This year we are going to Vermont--it feels like ages since I've been there so it should be fun. Last week there was no knitting, as I was away for the week for a work training. It ended up being a pretty fun work training and was held at a beautiful, remote place on the ocean. Here are some of my photos:I guess work isn't always all bad...