Thursday, November 08, 2007

Man, this has been a long, hard week...and it's not even over yet! So much to talk about. Get ready for a long, drawn-out post!

The week has been tough because we are nearing T-minus zero on the move. Departure scheduled for Saturday, yikes! Of course that also meant having to get things wrapped up at work, making visits to people to say good-bye, packing the apt, and on and on. More on that later.

In the midst of all the chaos, I did manage to finish the Lacertilia socks, and now I think they actually look kinda cute:I guess the colors have grown on me.
I did foul up the heels a bit. They don't look like any heels I've seen before. The problem was that I kept turning one stitch too early. It wasn't until I started making the heel on the second sock correctly that I realized the first sock was wrong! But, was I going to rip out a whole, finished sock to fix it? Of course not! I just did the second heel the "wrong" way. I mean, it still fit my foot OK, so why bother.Pattern: Lacertilia Socks by Dipsy
Yarn: Trekking XXL in Color #11, knit on 2 mm needles
I loved the pattern--simple and easy to memorize, but creates a pleasing pattern. I started with 68 stitches rather than 60 because it seemed like I was getting smaller gauge or something. Also, I loved the yarn! I can totally see why people are fans of Trekking. It's quite soft but seems like it should wear well, and it doesn't seem nearly as splitty as some sock yarns. Just a good quality product all around.

So, back to my crazy week. The thing is that I hate, hate, hate having to say goodbye to people! Even when I know I'll see them again, it makes me really sad and I tend to get weepy. Which sucks because it's so embarrassing (not to mention unflattering to one's complexion, ha ha), especially in front of work colleagues. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to one of my two favorite coworkers and I totally burst out crying, ugh. Luckily no one else was around and I had warned him beforehand that I might cry (I was actually laughing and crying at the same time, and had big sunglasses on so at least I was a bit in hiding), but still felt bad. He laughed though, and promised we would get together soon...the funny part is I will actually live closer to him than I do now.

Then, today was my last day at work and I woke up at around 5 AM feeling really excited! I couldn't get back to sleep. I'm sad to leave but it's still a good feeling to know you don't have to go back anymore! I took a picture of my last morning on the lake (so sad to be moving to a cube farm):I basically goofed around at work all day, got my office cleaned up, etc. The plan was to go out for dinner tonight with my three coworkers that live here in town, along with their spouses. Yesterday I was worried that there would be more waterworks but I knew this morning when I woke up I would be fine--I just felt so at peace and happy. We had a great time at dinner, they gave me a couple funny gifts, and we parted in the parking lot with happy hugs. I did feel a slight catch in my throat when I hugged my other favorite coworker goodbye, but all was fine. Hooray. I also learned today that if you feel like you are going to cry, you should press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Apparently that will stop it...funny I never knew that because G said he had heard that before.

Besides all the emotions, there is also the plain physical tiredness of having to pack, clean, move, blech! We got rid of soooo much stuff over the last couple weeks, just bags and bags of stuff going to Goodwill, the dump, etc. But, it feels really good to finally let go of all the junk we've been dragging from apartment to apartment but never used. Then G went to get our moving truck today and wow, it is way too big for the amount of stuff we have left! The only choices for trucks were either really small or really large, and I didn't want to get stuck not having enough room. Hopefully we make it down without mishap, because it is a real doozy to get around corners.

I wanted to show you one more picture that has a bit of a funny story behind it, this pretty kalanchoe plant was sent to me at work last week:(Notice a trend of little cat faces lurking in the backgrounds of my photos? ;)
They were sent by a local real estate agent who I have had many dealings with through my job.
I was particularly tickled to get them because back four years ago when I started this job, we totally butted heads the first time I ever talked to her. I complained to my coworkers about how horrible she was and how I hoped I didn't have to talk to her much. Well the funny thing is, as time passed we started to get along really well, to the point that we usually had a chit-chat once a week or so! Isn't it funny how your opinion of someone can change so completely? She was bummed to hear that I was leaving and sent me these as a going-away gift.

Well, time to get some rest, as we are going to have to spend tomorrow loading up our mega-truck. I'm ready to follow the advice that my friend gave me when I visited her this week:
"Be happy, and go kick some butt."

And there's only one other thing left to say besides that:
"So long, stinktown!"



At November 09, 2007 5:12 AM, Blogger Brahdelt said...

Your socks look yummy, and who cares that you made some stitches differently if they fit? *^v^*
I really must make myself get rid of some things, there are still two boxes full of Gods-knows-what, traveling with us from flat to flat, why do we keep things that we never intend to use?

At November 09, 2007 6:44 AM, Anonymous Jeanne said...

Very pretty socks and thanks for the link to the pattern. I love Trekking - its one of my favorites! Saying goodbye is hard (or sometimes easy!) - but it sounds like you are doing really well! Good luck with the move, and can't wait to hear about your new city...

At November 09, 2007 8:24 AM, Blogger Jana said...

I can totally relate on the crying thing! When we bought our house we left a crappy apartment and for some reason the last time we left the apartment I was bawling! Goodbyes, even the good ones, can just be so hard!

Love the socks, and seeing Quincy in the background of course!!

At November 09, 2007 12:37 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Congratulations on the new job, the move and the downsizing! A fresh start is a wonderful thing, n'est pas?

At November 09, 2007 2:56 PM, Blogger Opal said...

I get weepy at the silliest things. When one of the ladies from my knitting group gave me a present last year I was so touched I got teary eyed. It was very embarrassing for the both of us. :-}

Good luck on your move!

At November 09, 2007 5:41 PM, Blogger Casa Pearl said...

Hey, am I thinking this now means you will be nearer to my neck of the woods? How bout some coffee and knitting when you get settled?

Let me know!

At November 09, 2007 5:45 PM, Anonymous Rebekah said...

the socks are really cute. I like the colors very much.

I hope your move goes well and without too many mishaps, but just know you will have mishaps. Hopefully small ones. I figure you might as well plan for them :-)

Take care!

At November 10, 2007 12:02 AM, Blogger Zonda said...

Congrats on the new job and good luck with the fun with that part though!! Nice socks!

At November 10, 2007 2:47 PM, Blogger Larjmarj said...

Great socks! That Dipsy is a clever gal isn't she?
Moving is hard, I moved around a lot in my 20's and 30's and when we got in to the house we're in now I told Mr. Larj...that's it. No mas.
Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

At November 10, 2007 10:51 PM, Anonymous rina said...

Hey. I think the socks are wonderful. And seriously, if they fit, why fuss?

And I know what you meant. We moved from out from an apartment in March. And I still sort of miss it. Though house is still better of course. But I'm that nostalgic type of person.

And yes... I do still have boxes full of c***.

Congratulations on the new job.

At November 12, 2007 1:00 PM, Blogger Desiknitter said...

I like your attitude to the knitting - symmetry is more important than getting it right, so I totally would have knit the second one wrong too.Glad to know you are excited about the new beginning, and thanks for the tongue-on-roof-of-mouth tip!

At November 14, 2007 4:04 AM, Anonymous Dipsy said...

Aww, poor you! I can so well imagine how hard it is to say goodbye - even though you're going to meet all these people again, it still may take a while and well... sometimes there's just nothing left to do but having a good cry!
But I'm absolutely impressed by how you're getting along with the move, you've been extremely busy lately and yet managed to finish the Lacertilia socks! Woah - they look awesome, much, much better than mine did ;) As Brahdelt said, who cares about some different stitches as long as they fit and the result is so beautiful? And I lovelovelove the colorway!
All the best of luck with the move - I'm having my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly for you guys - and I'm ever so curious already to hear about your new place!

At November 14, 2007 8:41 AM, Blogger Hasbu said...

Very pretty socks and they seem to be an excellent fit!

At November 14, 2007 12:36 PM, Anonymous Beth S. said...

A great sage once observed, "War is hell, but moving is worse." Good luck with everything!

Oh, and nice saocks! I'll be sure to check out that pattern.


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