Friday, January 20, 2006


While I was working today, I looked out my window and saw this landing: An Army helicopter! It landed on our grass helipad, which is used in the summer by various state helicopters. An Army chopper in the middle of winter is definitely something new. It's amazing that enough snow has melted that it could even land there, most years there'd be two feet of snow. I can't figure out where it could possibly be coming from or going to, either.

Here are some cool pictures of it taking off:

In knitting news, we now have buttons, button holes, and the beginnings of a collar on the "Twist" cardigan:

The button holes weren't too hard, although I did spend two hours practicing different sizes and styles to determine what would work best with the buttons. The buttons are shell, and have a purple-ish, iridescent sheen that makes them blend in with the yarn (when the camera flash isn't making them glow that is). I am going to try to finish the collar tonight, so maybe by Monday I will have a completed photo to share.

I also wound two balls of Berrocco Optik last night:This will hopefully become a spiral scarf for a friend's birthday, but I am not sure this type of yarn will work for the pattern. Should be fun to try...if it doesn't work I'll make a different kind of scarf. This stuff could be kind of a pain to frog, though.

I heading down to Bangor (AKA "The 'Gor" or "The Big City") on Saturday, and I have a few planned stash enhancements. If all goes well I should have some photos of some new yarn on Monday too. Have a good weekend, everyone! :)



At January 20, 2006 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm making Twist too! All I have left is to put the buttons on. I have to buy them first... I loved making this sweater and was pleased with the fit. I really love your color choice!



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