Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy Blog-day to me!

Welcome to the first annual (OK, hopefully it will be more frequently than annual) posting of that new, exciting, scintillating, and, yes, life-altering blog........Lobstah Life!

The purpose of this blog is mostly to post about my knitting exploits, my opinions and thoughts, and other blatherings that hopefully someone will find of interest. And if no one finds it of interest, then I will have to go curl up in the fetal position somewhere and feel depressed at my utter boring-ness! Just kidding, of course...hey, if nothing else at least I'll find it interesting!

So a little bit about me: I'm 28 years old and live with my boyfriend and our cat in Maine. I currently work in the exciting field of environmental regulation and my main outlet for work-related (and life-related) stress is knitting, which I have been enjoying for the last year and a half. I also like reading, skiing, hiking, and watching movies.

Welcome to my blog and enjoy!


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