Sunday, December 18, 2005

Chick Lit

A good friend of mine came to visit a couple of months ago and left me a BIG stack of books to borrow (let's just say that the library here is less than stellar). The books were all of the genre best described as "chick lit," which, while not my all-time favorite category, at least usually proves to be entertaining. The loaned books included two Kaye Gibbons books. One was "Charms for the Easy Life," which although not great literature was at least a fun read. But this other one, "Divining Women," which I finished last night, was complete tripe.

The plot just seemed choppy, like it had not been thought out. The characters were not well-developed enough to hold my interest. And I am not an expert, but I found it hard to believe that an emotionally abused and downtrodden wife would suddenly be able to stand up to her husband in only a few week's time. The only reason given for this miraculous change was the presence of her feisty neice and reading some letters written by a woman in a similar situation. Again, maybe I am wrong on this, but it just didn't seem realistic to me. I think the book should have been about twice as long, in order to explore all of these undeveloped facets of character and plot.

This morning I started in on "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" even though I never read the original Bridget Jones book. It seems a little silly but at least it is a much more entertaining and interesting read than "Divining Women."

I already walked down to the store twice this morning to try to get a Sunday Globe. The first time I went, the store was not yet open (opens at 9) and the second time I went they had not received the paper yet. I guess I am going to give up, I really don't feel like walking down AGAIN.

I think I will make a big pot of cream of broccoli soup for lunch and curl up with my trashy novel!


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